"When the late Frank McCourt died, I mourned, 'Where will we ever find a voice like his again?' Fortunately, having discovered Safe Passage Notebooks and Mariam Stephens, I have my answer. Here we have the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of Belfast in the 40's and 50's. Here we luxuriate in that magnum mysterium, the Irish. At times I laughed so hard I cried. At other times I simply cried. For here too is Northern Ireland in the time of the Troubles. We watch through Mariam's eyes as Mother Teresa of Calcutta addresses the peace workers of Corrymeela, Mariam among them. We also experience the painful work of reconciliation undone by a moment's act of violence. All in all, this is a wonderful memoir, full of love, loss, hope, and humor, bigger-than-life figures, and always, always, the voice and spirit of Ireland." --Reynold Feldman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wisdom Factors International
Mariam Stephens
Writer & Poet


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